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Toddlers: Baby Einstein's and Mendel's Munchkins
The classes are based on creative and structured learning experiences that promote discovery and development. Activities encourage vocabulary growth and improve gross motor skills, as well as introduce basic self-help skills. This year of the toddler is marked by large gains in gross motor and language development. This classroom will focus on providing your child with lots of gross motor opportunities to work on walking, running, jumping, and kicking to improve balance and coordination. You will also see greater efforts to communicate and an explosive vocabulary growth. We will reinforce naming of the environment around them and introduce sign language. This allows the child who will undoubtedly understand more than he can say, to express himself clearly, reducing communication frustrations and increasing self-esteem. This child will think, "I can do it!" This classroom is for full-time enrolled students only and is limited to 10 children with two adult teachers. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about the Baby Einstein's class. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about the Mendel's Munchkin's class.

2 years old: Bernoulli's Babies
So many important milestones are reached during this time, from potty training to emerging language development. Little ones are so curious about the world, and we let them explore in a safe and educational environment. Activities are planned to allow them to explore and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. It's not too structured and therefore allows independent personalities to shine freely. We work on building gross motor skills, self-help skills, and emerging social skills. This program is for full-time enrolled students only and is limited to 14 children with 2 adult teachers. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about this class.

3 Years old: Pasteur's Playmates
Our preschool classrooms begin to prepare children for grade school by working on their kindergarten readiness skills. They learn through role playing and structured discovery, small group exploration, and teacher led lessons. Students are focused on one letter a week throughout the school year and themes are built around each letter. Students learn songs, finger-plays, and poems that go along with each letter. Our special curriculums include science, Spanish, and social etiquette. We mix in some P.E., music, and art and it's a great balance of fun, learning, and play! CLICK HERE for more information and photos about this class.

4 Years old: Franklin's Family
Our Pre-K class is designed to prepare our children for success in kindergarten and in the Lawrence public schools in the following year. We incorporate similar literacy programs as USD 497, such as the Animated Alphabet and the Handwriting Without Tears curriculums. This full-time class not only explores the basics of math, reading and writing, but through numerous centers in their room, delve into the arena of computers, natural science, dramatic play, art, and music to name a few. Our goal is to bridge the gap between early childhood and elementary education. We build the foundation for children to be successful throughout their school career. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about this class.

5 Years old: Galileo's Group
This program is for part-time students needing or wanting experience in the preschool environment. This program is offered 8:30-11:30 Monday through Friday. This specific program runs on the Lawrence Public School District's calendar. If Lawrence Public Schools are closed this class does not meet. This class does not meet in the summer. "Purely Preschool" also allows for part-time options on a MWF or TTh schedule. This program follows the same curriculum as our Pre-K class. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about this class.

School Age: Bohr's Bunch
We pick up the children from their elementary school and bring them back to Googols of Learning for a hot lunch. After lunch students have quiet time in various learning centers. Students will have opportunities to play games, make art projects, and partake in less structured "free-time." This program will allow for full-day care on days when Lawrence public schools are on break, such as parent-teacher conferences. We transport from 7 west Lawrence schools including, Sunset Hill, Deerfield, Langston Hughes, Quail Run, Pinckney, Hillcrest, and Sunflower. CLICK HERE for more information and photos about this class.

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